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Below is written by Jim Pollock

I designed the first year Bison, known as the DOUBLE BISON (1987).  It has been dubbed the "Double Bison" by collectors because of the use of two bison in the design.

The double bison design used on this design was my original design done from research from bison at the Triple U Ranch west of Pierre. I still have the photos, sketches and prep art work, so I can back this up.

I don't know anyone who has a 10 oz gold piece. In 1987, when I designed the piece they gave me a one ounce gold for doing the design.

I think there was 160 - 10 oz coins made but one rumor has it that a dentist melted down many of them for the gold. I don't know if that story is true or not.

The State sponsored South Dakota Bison gold and silver bullion program went on from 1987 through part of 1989 and was then discontinued.