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Invest in gold

Why should you invest in gold?
Physical gold has retained its value for thousands of years.

Why was bitcoin developed?
In 2008, late in President GW Bush's presidency, the Great Recession started.  The economists of the day convinced former president Bush that a huge amount of stimulus was the only thing that would stop an implosion of the world economy.   Hence started the trillion dollar yearly deficits.   Former president Obama did not reduce the deficit, and the precious metals such as gold and silver are controlled by the bullion banks.

Since trillion dollar deficits are highly inflationary, but there was not any place that was safe from inflation, Bitcoin was born.

Bitcoin has a limited number of coins, hence it is a hedge against inflation

What is the downfall of bitcoin?
While there are a limited number of bitcoins, there is the capability to have an unlimited number of crypto currencies.

What is the best inflation hedge for a small investor?
Currently, a good option is a silver coin set: